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Westland Gardens Condominium

Westland Gardens Condominium has 280 apartments distributed in five buildings, each with four levels. Each department has its own parking lot. Additionally, there are common areas designed for recreation and relaxation with family and friends such as the community pool, the tennis court and the park where it is planned to locate a BBQ for use by residents.

Currently this condominium is working on its 40-year inspection certificate and is carrying out remodeling works that include: the restoration of concrete in the five buildings, remodeling of the administration offices, repair of the lights of the parking and painting the buildings, offices and club house.

New Improvements in the Condominium from 2019 to date

  • Delivery of parking sticker to achieve better organization and use of the same.
  • Intercom installation at the two entrance doors for the use of visitors.
  • Maintenance of the security gates.
  • Closing of the entrance and exit doors of the vehicles from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am (We are in the process of closing them 24 hours a day)
  • Sale of controls to residents for access to the entrance door.
  • The remodeling work for the 40-year certification began.
  • Exchange of washers and dryers for new equipment. Additionally, another machine was added to recharge their cards.


Our common areas are spaces designed to share with family and friends and enjoy an atmosphere of fun, security and tranquility

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